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100% of all campaign funds donated during the month of June will benefit the City of Frederick Maryland Food Bank


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This pandemic shook us to our core. In 2020, life as we knew it ceased to exist – separated from friends and family, our professional lives changed overnight and our stable foundations crumbled before our eyes. Some of us have been, and still are, struggling more than others. We’ve seen the endless lines of vehicles waiting to receive food and assistance, and I bet we share the wish to do more. We’ve all known loneliness brought by missing the arts and the escape it brings to our lives. Let’s be the best version of ourselves, still, and lend a hand where we can.

This is why All Good Presents created the All Good Giving Campaign, donating $1 per car for every show during the Showtime at  the Drive-in Concert Series. All proceeds go directly to the Frederick Mental Health Association, the City of Frederick Maryland Food Bank and the Frederick Arts Council. A no-pressure opportunity for you to give will also be available as a “Donation Add-on” when you purchase your car ticket, or by texting us while onsite at the show. We know times are tough - give only if you can. If not monetarily, let’s all try to find a kindness we can impart on someone to make their day brighter. Every little bit can make a difference.



3 Supporters

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All Good Giving