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Albany Humane could use your help!

Thieves shot out the front door, stole 3 puppies and hundreds of dollars in donations during a break-in around 11 pm Tuesday night from Albany Humane Society.

AHS is asking the community to keep an eye out for the three puppies stolen. Please watch for them on social media, yard sale groups and vet offices. See photos of puppies below. If you have any information at all please contact AHS at 229-888-7387 immediately so we can inform the proper authorities. Read more below.


Shots were fired around 11 pm Tuesday night through the glass front door of the shelter, minutes later one person wearing a ski mask busted down a locked office door. AHS staff were alerted by their surveillance system and called the police immediately. Albany City Police arrived on scene as well as AHS staff to check on the animals. They discovered a donation box was stolen from the office and that three puppies were stolen from the puppy room.


We are so shocked and discouraged that someone would do this to a non-profit, especially because they put the lives of animals at risk. We can only imagine how traumatizing the shots fired were to our animals. We are devastated that three puppies were taken, but so happy that no other animals were harmed.


Albany Humane works tirelessly to help animals and the community everyday. Not only have we lost 3 puppies, but valuable donations that were meant to help animals in need. AND NOW we will incur unnecessary expenses to repair the damage done. Our main focus is to find the puppies taken, but Albany Humane also relies heavily on donations to run the shelter. If anyone is willing to help with the replacement of the glass or make a donation towards the work, we would be incredibly grateful. 


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