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A Rebarkable K9 for Niko


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Meet Niko

Niko is a fun-loving and high-energy five-year-old who lives in Houston with his mom, dad, and big sister.

He enjoys jumping on his trampoline and watching Disney movies, WAll-E and Baymax in particular. Niko likes to spend his days hunting for chocolate and swinging from his rope swing.

Niko has Autism and is non-verbal.

His everyday life is significantly affected by communication, social, emotional, and sensory integration challenges.

For Niko, it’s like someone mixed all the dials for his senses; instead of being all 5s across the board, his sense of feeling can be set to 10 while his hearing might be at a 3. This makes navigating his world more challenging. Everyday events can be scary; going to the barber might mean we need 3 people to help hold him because the clippers are noisy and the vibrations are overwhelming. Niko works incredibly hard every day in speech and occupational therapy to learn tools to help him self-regulate, but this is a lot to ask a four-year-old to cope with on his own.

Why Does Niko Need a Service Dog?

Studies have shown the countless benefits service dogs provide by assisting special needs children and their families.

Federally recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Niko's service dog will be able to go with him to places like schools, playgrounds, medical offices, restaurants, and more.

Niko’s pup will be specially trained to mitigate his unique needs, including:

  • Preventing and managing emotional dysregulation and sensory meltdowns
  • Reducing anxiety and maintaining calm during stressful situations
  • Interrupting maladaptive and self-injurious behaviors
  • Helping with grounding and regaining focus
  • Providing spatial boundaries when interacting with others
  • Facilitating positive social interactions
  • Providing non-judgmental companionship from a loyal friend
  • Reminding people that not all disabilities are visible.

How Can I Help?

Click the "donate" button to contribute to Niko’s service dog fundraiser.

You can also mail a check to waive the small credit card fees. Please note that mailed donations are recorded and deposited at each month's end. Indicate “A Rebarkable K9 for Niko” on your check’s memo line and send it to:

Good Dog! Service Canines
Attn: A Rebarkable K9 for Niko
855 South Main Avenue, Suite K-162
Fallbrook, California 92028

Your donation applies to many corporate matching programs. Please check with your HR department to get your company's support.

Wags & Gratitude

Thank you for your support. Your generosity will directly impact Niko, giving him the best life paw-sible!

Please feel free to share our story and this fundraiser with your friends, family, and co-workers.


Kaitlyn Martins
Niko’s Mom



Good Dog! Service Canines is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the human-canine relationship to children with disabilities and their families. Our highly skilled pups not only provide assistance and independence but also bring hope, joy, and laughter back into the lives of those who need it most.

We invest an average of $32,000 to raise, care and train each service dog as well as educate and support each family who receives them. Currently, we add 8-10 new teams to the Good Dog! Family each year, in addition to supporting our active Good Dog! Teams. That means we must raise up to $320,000 annually. To help us offset these expenses, families pledge to contribute at least $16,000 towards their $32,000 service dog program costs, qualifying for matching with a service dog when they reach $26,000 of their goal amount.

Caring for a disabled child can come with emotional and financial struggles, but we believe that shouldn't stop any family from having access to cover the costs of their service dog.

That's why we created the Good Dog! Scholarship Fund.

For families struggling to raise the remaining amount of their service dog programs, we're here to help. The Good Dog! Scholarship Fund offers financial aid once they've met their minimum pledge requirements.

With your support, we can provide life-changing service dogs to Good Dog! Families in need, at little or no cost. Let's work hand in paw to create a brighter future!

All gifts are received with the greatest of gratitude from us all.


About Good Dog! Service Canines

Good Dog! Autism Companions was founded in 2011 by the parents of an autistic boy. After getting a service dog for their son, they soon realized the life-changing benefits these dogs could provide to so many more. Today, Good Dog! Service Canines provides highly trained service dogs to children with disabilities and their families, helping them live better lives! Each dog is professionally trained using only positive reinforcement methods because we believe the true power of the human/canine bond is brought about through a loving, trusting relationship. Good Dog! Autism Companions, founded in 2011, has expanded its services to help more kids and families. We are now doing business as Good Dog! Service Canines. Thanks to all whose support let the love grow!

For more information, visit gooddogservicecanines.org.


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29 Supporters

56% of $32,000 goal


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