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Thanks to L'Arche Atlanta's amazing fans, we made it to the Championship! We are so grateful for this amazing community's support -- watching and sharing our videos, and giving SO generously! We have felt so loved by this wave of generosity and support! 

Because of you, L'Arche Atlanta made it to the Battle of the Fans CHAMPIONSHIP. In this final round we are so honored to be against L'Arche Honduras, our amazing sister community that has blown away the competition round after round with their joyful videos!

Whether you can give $5 or $500, your gift to L'Arche today will elevate the voices of people with intellectual disabilities and help us build a society where everyone belongs.

Your gift is 100% tax-deductible. 50% of your gift will go to L'Arche Atlanta and 50% will go to L'Arche Solidarity to support L'Arche communities in need around the world.

Join a movement creating a more welcoming and compassionate society for people with disabilities. When you watch and share L'Arche Atlanta's Battle of the Fans video, YOU are elevating the voices of people with disabilities and YOU are making a difference.

Click the video to experience the JOY of L'Arche and share widely to spread that JOY with others! We have until 9pm EST tomorrow night (Wed, 12/8) to get the most points to win the whole competition!

How Scoring Works
$1 Donated = 1 Point
1 YouTube view = 2 Points (EACH time you watch, it is 2 points!)
1 YouTube like = 3 Points

Share with all your friends to help us get as many points as possible!

L’Arche Atlanta is a nonprofit, house-based community that celebrates the gifts of people with and without intellectual disabilities. At L'Arche Atlanta, people with and without disabilities are welcomed with open arms. No person is viewed as simply a recipient of services. Instead, we view each other as ambassadors for belonging — people who passionately contribute their gifts and experiences for the good of society. This attitude permeates everything we do from hosting community events for families with adults with disabilities to our state-level advocacy work.

Battle of the Fans is the world’s first international lip-syncing competition hosted by people with disabilities! L’Arche communities compete against each other with performances to spread disability awareness and encourage disability pride.​​

Read more about the competition -- tournament dates, how scoring works, and what you can do to help -- on our website: 

Give! $1 = 1Point


282 supporters

$20,000 goal

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