Operation Arizona Precinct Committeeman

Sponsor a "Become A PC" Meet & Greet, Neighborhood Outreach, or Phonebank.


15 Supporters

54% of $2,400 goal


Redistricting in Arizona means that our legislative district boundaries are likely going to shift. Every district that has new boundaries results in new District Board elections in March. 

We only have until the end of October to recruit precinct committeemen and committeewomen to ensure grassroots-based District boards get elected in March. 

We are holding weekly Volunteer Trainings, Meet & Greets, phone banking sessions, and neighborhood walks to recruit new PCs.

Please consider chipping in to support our work. 

Every Meet & Greet costs about $200 in hosting & promotion costs (food, postcard mailers, door knocking palm cards, mass text messaging, mass emails). We are hosting a minimum of 12 Meet and Greets by Nov. 1st.

How many Meet & Greets can you sponsor? Every little bit makes a difference!



15 Supporters

54% of $2,400 goal

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