Stop the Pro-Tyranny Caucus. Help Flip Our Precincts Solid Pro-Liberty Red.

Help the Grassroots Defeat the Pro-Tyranny Caucus in AZ


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$2,500 goal




We have identified 5 precincts with competitive slates where the pro-tyranny caucus usually runs proxy slates of precinct committeemen (PCs) to block out hardworking Grassroots from becoming PCs to serve as representatives for their neighborhoods.

We urgently need to raise $2,500 to send mailers to the voters in these precincts and ensure the Grassroots PC candidates win!

Please consider a generous donation. Any amount helps!

If you would like to help volunteer to stamp and address label the postcards, please sign up HERE.

Thanks so much!

Let's win!

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31 supporters

$2,500 goal

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