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13% of $45,000 goal


BIOSYNERGY PROJECT @ Center for Studies of the Person is a nonprofit project seeking to restore, enhance and sustain the Synergy of All Life in Earth's Biosphere.  Our programs are emerging in three categories:


    1. REVELATIONS include publications, professional articles & theory, symposia, courses, and poetic expressions of Biosynergy's profound positive impact on the eco-spiritual well-becoming of all organic and iconic life on earth, and beyond. 
    2. ENCOUNTERS are meetings of minds, hearts, & souls that occur when persons with diverse deep life experience gather to connect in positive, compassionate, & authentic conversation and become united, through Biosynergy, in caring creative communion. 
    3. INTERVENTIONS are organized activities facilitated by person-centered biosynergists with members of far-flung communities and ecosystems who face challenges and opportunities that call for all-inclusive collaboration to assure everlasting personal, ecospiritual and global well-becoming.


Participation in programs of BP@CSP is by invitation on request.  Please write us to reveal your interests and passions that relate to Biosynergy, and we will reply with ideas for our mutually rewarding collaboration.


Funding for the overarching corporate umbrella of Biosynergy Revelation, Encounter & Intervention is invited from all who wish to support the visionary creation & benevolent implementation of new programs to expand Biosynergy's global impacts on the quest for poetic, passionate, person-centered eco-spiritual well-becoming.


Benevolent donors are welcome at all levels. Grateful nonprofit-notes go to all financial supporters.  New donors who send more than $5,000 will also be given an iconic gift created by an indigenous artist.


With a donation 0f $10,000 or more, please include a message with your issues of interest, availability and email coordinates so we may arrange your Zoom meeting with a Biosynergy Project Director.


We dream of restoring positive, compassionate, authentic Creative Biosynergy throughout the vast & beloved biosphere of planet Earth.  If you share that dream, please let us know !


       -- In loving Synergy ... Anthony L Rose, PhD /  Founder & Co-Director , [email protected] 







Organized by Center for Studies of the Person