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Organized by The Bodhana Group Inc.


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Board, card, dice, and role playing games all inherently provide the opportunity to build skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, socialization, manual dexterity, deductive reasoning, etc. The list goes on. Role playing and storytelling games provide a nurturing and safe environment where people can work through trauma, anxiety, and other emotional issues through the medium of play that replicates and borrows from other techniques.

The Bodhana Group has spoken at international conventions, developed a robust training program, and have brought this emerging vision of treatment through engaged and directed play to multitudes of people.

Your support and patronage through donation allows us to further expand and develop our services and cover operating costs. Some of our goals and future direction include:

· Grant funded groups to offer services at low to no cost for clients and their families

· Establishment of a community center offering game based programs

· Attendance and participation in larger conferences/conventions to advocate for the use of therapeutic gaming


We now offer a diverse range of services utilizing modern tabletop gaming:

Tabletop Role Playing Groups targeting:

· Social skills

· Challenging behaviors

· Anxiety, Depression and other mental health diagnoses

· Challenges for persons on the Autism Spectrum

· Training and consultation for professionals and agencies for:

· Learning how to run therapeutic role playing games​

· Developing their own game-based programs

· Managing challenges to game-based programs


Board Game based programs to help develop and enhance foundational skills

· Unique programs for varying populations

· Team Building Activities

· Research into the efficacy of role playing as a therapeutic approach

· Save Against Fear Gaming Convention/Conference

· Our in development role playing game Branch Riders, designed for fun, but built for therapeutic and skill building use

· Paid webinars for professionals to enhance use of RPG in therapy

· Free webinars for the community on the benefits of board games

Teaching Parents About Board Games


Share Fundraiser


6 Supporters

3% of $25,000 goal

The Bodhana Group Inc.

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 27-0150474