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Thank you for supporting Aviv, B’nai Jeshurun’s 20s and 30s program.

Why is our 20s and 30s program called Aviv?
The word Aviv means spring in Hebrew, and like the season, this period of our lives is a time for new beginnings and growth. The Aviv community is a place for...

Renewal of the youth, energy, and passion that makes BJ a sacred center for Jews from all streams.

Blossoming of new friendships, community, social action projects, and religious identity.

Growth of our spiritual life through prayer, music, learning, and ritual.

What are you supporting?
Your generosity is responsible for expanding our reach and increasing our participation. Each gift made in support of Aviv programming brings music, culture, socialization, prayer, and fun directly to our thriving community. See for yourself!


Outdoor COVID-19 friendly programming. Put your hands in the air if you are excited to leave your apartment!


Virtual programming - who doesn’t love challah baking with friends!?
“Just to let you know that, in this Fall season still marked by health restrictions, Aviv got me baking!”


Shoutout to our local artists and vendors. We want to bring the Aviv community the very best that NYC has to offer!


A very special community. Let’s celebrate together virtually, until it is safe to be together again!

“Thank you so much for the work you and the team do to make BJ a warm, vibrant, and inclusive space. We look forward to being visitors once we can gather in person again.”


Big smiles and good memories!

“Thanks for organizing trivia every week!! Highlight of my week!!”


And more smiles! (These ones are just covered with masks!)


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19 Supporters

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