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I am Carolyne Afroetry Ma: Poet, Spoken Word Artist and Storyteller from Uganda.

Quality and integrity are my obsessions.

Book titles:

*Married to society*

This book appeals to the black woman and tackles issues on colorism and society’s perception of the African woman.

Which means, it will shine light on what goes on behind closed doors, give you a fly on the wall experience of their thoughts; it may reveal things about people you know that might put you in a rage or wake you up in cold sweats….

However, with African subtexts, this book is inspiring and uplifting. It reports the condition of an African woman bogged down in a socially overrun system - and allows her to live through it and rise.

That’s right, a happy ending. The same thing can happen to you, in your life. Just know that your victory Won’t be a simple two-step through Spring meadows...but you can rest assured that this book will provide the means you need to succeed.

Second book:

*Thoughts of Mama*

This collection of poems is mostly teachings and

experiences a mother passed on to a daughter.

I use the first person narrative and some parts are conversational, to display the mother and daughter relationship. It also demonstrates how much this can be used to educate and provide a spark for young readers.

Now just imagine...your mother is the village wise woman. Her sage sayings are treasured...sought after, even by those outside your community.

But you’re her precious child. The wisdom she seeks to gift to you is superior to (Any) she lavishes onto others…

Picture the ultimate wise woman, your mother, spending countless hours with you every day - laying these treasure troves upon you!

That’s what this book represents:

Pearls of Wisdom At Your Fingertips.

As you can probably tell, I love to educate and inspire as a poet!

My GofundMe target is $1400 U.S. dollars in a month.

Why support me?

To assist with my publishing dream to stretch my poetic reach to a wider audience.

Which means more young readers are gifted with wisdom...spellbinding stories to enkindle their imaginations.

Think of your daughter or son…what kind woman or man do you want them to become?

Don’t you want to give them every opportunity to excel?

I also hope to have my poetry books distributed in schools. I feel that they’re aren’t enough books educating or instilling the Black/African child…

Please support my dream, allow me to be that change.

Support my publishing dream so that the dreams of your children, your son and daughter...Won’t get snuffed out.


Share Fundraiser


5 Supporters

4% of $1,400 goal

Carolyne Acen