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81% of $10,000 goal

Light The Capitol!

Creating a welcoming, vibrant, inclusive, and colorful (figuratively and literally) Pride Festival every year is part of our mission. The lighting of the Capitol is an integral part of the Boise Pride Festival. A shining symbol of diversity that is admired and cherished by so many.

But this year, just a few weeks ago, after months of planning and budgeting, the State of Idaho told us we cannot light the Capitol Building on the grounds of the Capitol. This means we have to set the lights up across the street from the actual Capitol Building (on Jefferson). This location is considerably more expensive than the tradition typically costs us due to the distance, intensity of lights, and equipment needed.

The decision to allow Boise Pride to light the Capitol from the Capitol grounds has never cost the state of Idaho or its taxpayers anything at all. Boise Pride covers the cost of the lights, equipment, and also supplies a generator. Last year, the State allowed us to shine Pride rainbow lights directly in front of the Capitol as they did in 2018 and previous years. So, for 2023 we budgeted the same amount: $5,000. However this new location will cost three times that amount. So we are seeking to raise an additional $10,000 to ensure this visual display of Pride can happen again in 2023 and that we can source the equipment to do so at this late stage. It is meaningful, significant and we must show the State that Boise Pride will not go dark. Especially in this climate when so many seek to erase our Pride and stop us from being who we are.

We are committed to making this tradition happen regardless. But, we ask that you help us maintain one of the most recognizable and anticipated aspects of the Boise Pride Festival.

Any donation amount helps! We appreciate your support!


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