Wounded Healers International

Maine Afro Yoga Project

Maine AfroYoga project seeks to achieve holistic well-being and empowerment among the growing immigrant community in Maine by providing accessible, culturally sensitive yoga, mindfulness, and community-centered services that celebrate Afro culture and promote mental health and resilience. 

The Maine Afro Yoga project is the Wounded Healers International (WHI) project in Maine.  WHI is a nonprofit that exists to disrupt the cultures that normalize sexual violence and provide survivors support, both in the African continent and for immigrants living in Maine.

Maine Afro Yoga project inspiration comes from the lack of representation of immigrants and people of color as teachers and students in yoga spaces and outdoor adventures.   

Our mindfulness practices are culturally sensitive, inclusive to different communities in Maine, and offered in multiple languages.

We offer in-studio yoga at our Kivulini Afro yoga studio in south Portland and outreach yoga in your own space with your group. 



Organized by Wounded Healers International
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 86-3187355
[email protected]