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In Fall 2018, The Bean Path partnered with local libraries to provide free technical expertise and guidance to individuals and small businesses in the community. Now, nearly 100 volunteers and 10 part-time staff work tirelessly to support The Bean Path's programs and activities throughout the year.

The Bean Path, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Jackson, aims to promote tech literacy in order to bridge the digital divide and encourage innovation. Our mission to further local economic mobility has enabled us to impact over 1,000 individuals and organizations through outstanding programs such as: 

  • Tech Office Hours: Tech presentations and one-to-one consultations, serving more than 500 individuals, small businesses, and startups.
  • Youth Programs: Hackathons and mentorship, investing in over 250 youth around Mississippi.
  • Scholarships & Grants: Funding opportunities for students and community organizations, awarding approximately $10,000 since program inception.
  • CTO-2-Go: 3-6 month entrepreneurial/tech mentorship program, educating 20 small businesses and startups.

What started as a small group offering tech help at local libraries has exceeded expectations as well as the capacity of our local libraries. After three years of service, The Bean Path now serves as the anchor of a larger vision — the JXN Tech District, a mixed-use development on a 14-acre site along Gallatin Street, which I personally purchased under a for-profit entity, Bean Barn Properties LLC, after serving as CTO for an Amazon acquired startup, PartPic.

The Bean Path will be headquartered in the JXN Tech District and will expand on our current programming. We plan to add a Makerspace that provides access to tools and collaborative spaces along with a CTO prep program that trains the next wave of CTOs to serve the Jackson area. The property has already been purchased, but additional funding is needed to fully realize our vision.

By lending your support to our organization, you will be a key partner in building Jackson’s tech talent, bridging the digital tech divide in Mississippi, and addressing social and technological disparities in the community. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story, and please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have any questions about our work.


The Bean Path team



115 Supporters

45% of $50,000 goal

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