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If it's not a "Hell yes!" it's a "Hell no!"


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The Black Rock City Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) team is a group of volunteers who gather each year at Burning Man to provide information and promote consent culture. We never charge to inform and train you on how to promote safer spaces as leaders and individuals. Black Rock City is where BED was founded and takes an incredible amount of logistical brain power to get our campers on-site, brand our educational content to reach 80,000+ people, and continue spreading the message of consent year-round. 

We're fundraising to acquire a shipping container
that can hold our camp infrastructure in Reno, NV, and have it delivered to the playa and back. It's EXTREMELY important to our camp and community so we can alleviate our planning time surrounding getting to Burning Man. This allows us to focus on how we can culture-curate a safer and more explorative space for our Black Rock City citizens and bring the message of consent back to the default world.

We are an official non-profit! Your donations ARE tax-deductible! Get your companies involved so you can help the cause rather than the tax man! 

BED has gone virtual! If COVID has taught us anything it’s how to adapt to using our online tools to spread the message of consent. Normally, a BED representative will come to your camp during Burning Man to gift a talk on how to talk about sex, rejection, and keeping us safer through the community. Why not bring that year-round so we can watch over each other in the default world, too? We are looking to focus on refining our FREE program so more people can lead their teams, get our direct guidance, and hear participant feedback. This shipping container will allow us to do that year after year. Access our free content at beducator.teachable.com.

Cost Breakdown:

-$5400 to purchase the shipping container asset
-$1000 for this first year of storage from 9/23/2023 to 8/24/2024
-$350 Transfer fee to BMorg
-$400 Drop off and pick up fee 
-Taxes are unknown at this time

So, why $10,000?
We would like to be able to toss some gas cash to our out-of-state volunteers who help organize the container. We have dumped thousands into our camp (like most of us) over the years and some people who have the time... don't have the funds. Any additional funds will go to furthering our goal of spreading the message of consent. 

As a bonus, Momo will quit smoking cigarettes if we hit our $10,000 goal.

Additional Goals:

-Feather flags gifted to camps (rather than BEDucated camps having the ability to purchase this swag) when they complete our BEDucator program. This lets attendees know they are a safe camp.
-A branded golf cart to transport BEDucators to camps while promoting BED across the playa
-Harm reduction supplies for camp when people seek refuge
-Upgrading our Teachable.com account to create more free content

WE APPRECIATE ANY AND ALL SUPPORT WHETHER IT'S $1 OR SHARING THIS CAMPAIGN! Thank you for caring about spreading the message and allowing us to develop safer spaces even further! 

Learn more at https://bureauoferoticdiscours...


Share Fundraiser


59 Supporters

32% of $10,000 goal

Bureau of Erotic Discourse

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 87-2143057