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BIP Week Sponsorships



We're so excited you're riding the wave! 


Whether you want to join us for the Juneteenth Dive, join the AOW course, become a sponsor, or just feel like putting something on BIP Week...we appreciate you! No donation is too small. Now prepare to take off as we apply absolute pressure this BIP Week!


During the week, attendees will have the chance to complete an Advanced Open Water (AOW) SCUBA course, engage with the South Florida community, tour state-of-the-art labs, collect environmental samples from a historic Black beach, go shark tagging, participate in a Juneteenth dive and Litty Hour, and so much more! 


We hope you can slide through. Even if you can't, we are still thankful for your contribution, which helps BIMS continue providing premier programming!


Here are the 2024 BIP Week Sponsorship Packages. 



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