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Organized by B'nai Jeshurun

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Allentown | Amherst | Amsterdam | Ann Arbor / Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore | Berkeley | Bethesda 
Boston / BrusselsBudapestBuenos Aires / Cambridge | Charlotte | Chicago / Cincinnati 
Cleveland / Dallas / Dayton | Hollywood / Ithaca / Lincoln | Little Rock | Los Angeles | Madison
Miami / Minneapolis| Montreal | Nashua | Oklahoma City / Ottawa | Palo Alto | Philadelphia
Phoenix / Pittsburgh / Portland / Prague / Princeton / Quebec City / Raleigh / Reno | San Francisco
Sarasota / Sioux Falls / Springfield | St. Petersburg | St. Louis / Tampa | Tel Aviv / Toronto | Tucson
Vancouver /Venice | Washington DC / Winnipeg | New York City

These are just a few of the cities from which thousands offered their support after praying with us during our streamed services, watching our YouTube programming, exploring our website, or learning about our activism. If you have been touched by the BJ ruah (“breath” or “spirit”) and wish to support this community without becoming a member, please consider becoming a BJ Friend — a special way of sustaining our great work — by making a gift of any amount.

Have you just discovered BJ?

Become a BJ Friend by making a one-time contribution of any amount. 

Do you come here often?

Become a BJ Friend by making a renewable monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution.

Do you wish to explore BJ membership?

Visit https://www.bj.org/membership/ or be in touch with Matthew Davey, Manager of Membership Services, at [email protected]. Be sure to let him know what inspired you to consider BJ membership. 

Do you wish to explore other giving opportunities?

Be in touch with Liza Sacks, Senior Development Manager, at [email protected] We have a variety of funds including those supportive of operations, multi-access infrastructure, programming, and more.  


Share Fundraiser

B'nai Jeshurun

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