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27% of $25,000 goal

BSR End of Year Appeal 2022

Fatherlessness is a CRITICAL NATIONAL EPIDEMIC.  At Blue Sky Ranch we believe that our community has a responsibility to offer hope and healing to young men without fathers in their lives.  We work hard to offer young men (between the ages of 14 -19) a better tomorrow by providing them a way to forge authentic relationships with men who will stand in the gap to help heal the "dad-shaped hole" in their hearts.  We equip them with: mentoring, "forever" relationships, and the opportunity to learn life skills on many levels.  In addition, they are taught various skills such as: construction, welding, driving, auto mechanics, and numerous other skills to prepare them to become assets to their families and to the community they live in.  We believe in breaking the fatherless cycle one life at a time.

We NEED your help!  Blue Sky Ranch is a 501c3 (non-profit organization) established in 2015.  We have an incredible Board of Directors and an amazing group of mentors, awesome BSR Crew, and wonderful Volunteers.  Our program ensures that young men at risk (who have no way to pay for our services) are offered the opportunity to change the direction of their lives.

 This past year, through the generous donations of so many, we were able to raise the money for the down payment to purchase the ranch under the name of our organization to ensure the legacy goes on for many years to come.  Now we NEED your FINANCIAL SUPPORT to continue to feed these boys and offer them transportation to the ranch where they find:  mentoring, authentic relationships, skills training, equine assisted learning, and the incredible experiences Blue Sky Ranch brings to their lives.   We also use your donations to purchase tools and materials for this program.  2022 has been especially hard on our budget with the continual increase in prices for gas, food, tools, etc.  PLEASE consider giving to our organization.  We need to raise $25,000 by December 31, 2022 to finish strong in 2022 and hit the ground running in 2023.  This is our last big appeal for the year. PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOAL - we simply cannot do it without your generous donations.


Organized by Blue Sky Ranch Inc
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