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BuildStrong Season 2020

10 Families - 10 Homes - 10 Brighter Futures


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Habitat families have safe homes to shelter in and the financial stability needed to weather this pandemic. We need your support to help more families benefit from the stability of homeownership.

When home is too expensive, families struggle to afford quality food, health care, basic necessities, or educational advancement.


When quality housing is affordable, families have the freedom to thrive!


Hand Up, Not a Handout

Habitat families help build their homes, participate in financial education, and pay an affordable mortgage.

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Due to COVID-19, our annual BuildStrong Lunch has been cancelled. This is a critical event each year to raise the funds needed to build at least 10 families’ new Habitat homes.


In place of this event, we need your help! Please make an online donation and help spread the word! The easiest way to do this is start your own fundraiser and share it with your friends and family.


Donations DOUBLED!

The first $50K in donations (not pledges) from individuals will be matched dollar for dollar. This means your gift of $50 becomes $100 or your gift of $250 becomes $500!  This is the best time for your gift to have the BIGGEST impact! 

This match challenge is made possible by several generous donors.



BuildStrong Season is a focused two-month period all about raising awareness of Habitat’s mission and raising the funds needed to continue serving local families in need.

Please join us and help spread the word about these special events…

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More Volunteer Opportunities



100% of your gift helps local families!

Foundation Builders and BuildStrong Society members are critical to our mission and help us plan for the future.

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Your gifts build STRONG Homes.

Strong Homes build STRONG Families & Neighborhood!

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If the Habitat family pays for the house, why do you also raise funds for it?

Trinity Habitat for Humanity is not a traditional mortgage company. Our Habitat families pay an affordable 30-year mortgage, invest 200 sweat equity hours in place of a down payment, and pay their first year’s insurance premium and taxes.

For the long term stability of our program, we ensure houses are fully funded by sponsors, donors, and in-kind donations prior to families moving in. When Habitat families make their mortgage payments, averaging about $750/month (in 2020), those payments are cycled back into our programs to help even more families experience the benefits of affordable homeownership.

How do families qualify for a Habitat home?

To qualify to purchase a Habitat home, a family (or individual) must have the following: 1) Need for Shelter, 2) Ability to Pay, and 3) Willingness to Partner. You can learn more at TrinityHabitat.org/apply.

Can I volunteer to help build a Habitat home?

Yes! You can learn more and sign up at TrinityHabitat.org/volunteer.

Where will these families’ homes be built?

These homes will be built in Trinity Habitat’s partner neighborhoods throughout Tarrant and Parker Counties. The majority will be in our partner neighborhoods in Fort Worth. You can learn more about our Neighborhood Revitalization effort at TrinityHabitat.org/neighborhood-revitalization-2015-2019.

How does my company or organization become a sponsor?

We partner with companies, faith groups, and other community organizations to build strong families and neighborhoods. We would love for your team to join us! Learn more at TrinityHabitat.org/sponsor.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation. A donation receipt will be emailed to you by Givebutter. Please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt for tax purposes.

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Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


240 Supporters

136% of $120,000 goal

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