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Pasque needs our help!

Pasque is a young, male cat who we suspect was hit by a car in Montrose on April 9. He was brought to our Second Chance Veterinary Team in Ridgway, who addressed his immediate medical needs.

Despite his discomfort, he was responsive and friendly, purring while being treated! He is such a sweetheart!

It was clear to Dr. DePauw that his eyes need specialized medical attention. Either because of a birth defect or an injury, the lens in each eye has been pushed in front of the pupils. This is causing severe sight problems and discomfort. We are managing his pain, but he needs surgery that can only be performed by a board-certified ophthalmologist. We have located just such a specialist in Boulder and can transport him there, but we need your support to save his eyesight. Pasque is only 2 years old and we will do all we can to keep him from going blind.

The surgery will cost an estimated $4,000 on top of the other costs that Second Chance has incurred in providing care for Pasque.

Our philosophy at Second Chance is that every animal needing our assistance will get it, whether it is easy or not.

We will do everything we can for Pasque. As he keeps fighting, we will continue to fight for him, but our budget for veterinary care is limited. In the case of Pasque, there is no owner to pay the bills. He is ours to care for.

Please donate to the best of your ability and

help us save Pasque's eyesight.

Thank you!


Without you, we could not provide the care we do for hundreds of dogs and cats that Second Chance receives every year.


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