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Playing Your Part: How Your Donation Sets the Scene As you choose your contribution, check out how each Level of Support impacts the theatrical arts and performers of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Associate: $35 a year Join the Buddies of the Bard, the Party Arm of Tennessee Stage! You'll receive special news, party invites, and more!  Your membership fee buys one sheet of plywood for use in set construction, such as a "wall" flat, like the ones you see moved in (and out) each night of a Knoxville Shakespeare at Ijams production. Companion: $50 a year It Takes Two! This level of giving covers two Buddies of the Bard Memberships. Twelve donations at this level-- or one year of monthly recurring donations-- helps to pay the salary for one Backstage Technician for one Knoxville Shakespeare show. Mate: $75 a year You become a BoB (one of the Buddies of the Bard!), plus a shout-out on our social media! One donation at this level can purchase a better microphone headset to make our players easier to hear! Pal: $100 a year Buddies of the Bard membership, mention on our TSC Donor Page, & one Knoxville Shakespeare pin or keychain.  A monthly, recurring gift at this level for 12 months can help pay a local performer for one season of Knoxville Shakespeare at Ijams. Sidekick: $250 a year Give you a Buddies of the Bard membership, with the Pal perks, plus a magnet & sticker.  This level of donation helps to pays the stipend of one intern for a Knoxville Shakespeare production. Friend: $500 a year Enjoy being a BoB, all preceding perks, plus one signed poster of your choice from the season.  This donation level supports a New Play Festival submission by paying royalties to the Playwright for the rights to give the show a world premiere. Best Buddy: $1,000 a year The Best Buddy donation counts you in as a BoB, with the preceding perks, plus a TSC T-Shirt of your choice.  For a little over $83 a month for a 12-month period, this recurring monthly gift would help fund the expansion of programming, such as our newest project, Knoxville Shakespeare on the Hill with Mabry-Hazen House.

Become a BoB! As a "Buddy of the Bard", you will have access to exclusive BoB events, be the first to know about auditions, shows, & events, & the first to buy tickets for upcoming shows. 

Become a BoB!

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