Burbank Film Festival 2024

The Burbank International Film Festival is looking for partners to join us in fueling the magic of cinema! With fervor and dedication, BIFF illuminates the talents of independent filmmakers worldwide, and yet to sustain our mission, we need the generosity of extraordinary donors to elevate our mission.

As a registered non-profit 501(c)(3), contributions to BIFF are not just gifts—they're investments in the future of storytelling. Your donations are tax-deductible, supporting the impact of your generosity. 

Nestled in Burbank, considered the "Media Capital of the World," BIFF is surrounded by major studios including Warner Bros., The Walt Disney Company, ABC, and NBC/Universal. The Burbank City Council proclaimed September 24th "Tim Burton Day," in 2023 and the legendary filmmaker, who attended the Festival to receive the Honor, reminisced, "It's my own hometown, beautiful downtown Burbank. Burbank helped made me what I am today.... It's something that is deep in my heart."

BIFF stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring filmmakers. We understand the vision, determination, and sacrifices behind every film, creating enduring memories that stir our souls and broaden our perspectives. Your partnership with the Burbank Film Festival is not just a financial contribution—it's a commitment to nurturing today's creatives into tomorrow's celebrated artists.

Together, let's craft a world where creativity knows no bounds and dreams are realized on the silver screen. Your patronage benefits all of us who will laugh, cry and ruminate about the entertaining and important stories shared at the Burbank International Film Festival by talented storytellers.


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