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With every Stocking Stuffer Store purchase or donation you are supporting children and families of Crittenton Centers. Learn more about the impact you are making by enjoying this virtual tour.


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Join us for the kids-only shopping experience where every purchase goes to support children and families of Crittenton Centers Crisis Nursery, Child Development Center, and Family Services.


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Ask your children what they remember about the Stocking Stuffer Store, and they’re bound to share memories of picking out gifts for their loved ones. They probably had no idea that they were helping the children and families who receive the care and support of the Crittenton Centers at the same time, but indeed they were. The joy of giving is strong in so many ways.

This year we're thrilled to be hosting an in-person Stocking Stuffer Store again at Northwoods Mall, but we understand that not everyone will feel safe bringing in their little ones to shop. Even so, Crittenton Centers still needs your help to provide for the staff to rock the babies in our Crisis Nursery; teachers to educate the children in our Child Development Center; and parent educators to support the parents in our Family Services Programs. And we always are in need of diapers, wipes, formula and other essentials to share with families in our community.

Help us keep the joy of giving alive by supporting our Stocking Stuffer Campaign. We encourage you to sit down with your child and visit our website to donate directly to Crittenton Centers -- your donation of any amount will go straight to the programs, services, and items that we provide to the children and families of the Peoria area. Check out our virtual tour of Crittenton Centers to learn more about where your money is going.

You can help our mission even more if you share your family’s shopping experience on social media to help us spread the word. And check out our recommendations of books and movies that teach the gift of giving and enjoy them with your family.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” - Maya Angelou

Want to keep spreading the joys of giving, sharing, and friendship? Here are some stories families can read together:

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It's Mine

The Gift inside the Box

Pass it On

You Can Do It Sam

The Duckling Gets a Cookie

The Feel Good Book

The Giving Tree

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