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To serve and support California Farmworkers by providing programs and services to better their quality of life. 

The California Farmworker Foundation, also known as CFF, was formed to offer and create opportunities that would enable Farmworkers that reside in California to develop personal and professional skills. We have five areas in which we model our services: Education, Health & Wellness, Workforce Development, Immigration Services, and Community Engagement.

Over 220,000 California Farmworkers 

Our story begins in Delano, California, where a small group of Central Valley Leaders decided to create a non-profit organization that would not only give back to Farmworkers but would also empower Farmworkers to have a say in their communities. In late 2016, the group’s dreams came true, and the Central Valley Farmworker Foundation (CVFF) was officially established. In 2019, CVFF changed its name to the California Farmworker Foundation (CFF) to meet the needs of Farmworkers outside of the Central Valley. Today, CFF is a 501 C(3) non-profit well known for its innovative programs and services for Farmworkers in California.

CFF was developed to provide concrete solutions for many community-wide issues such as housing crises, food insecurity, and healthcare. Our purpose stands to believe in helping Farmworkers become leaders, empowering individuals to become advocates for themselves and their communities. We take pride in offering all programs and services rendered free of charge to all farmworkers and farm-working communities. Currently, we continue to invest in Farmworkers via data-driven initiatives, which allows us to develop programs by farmworkers and for farmworkers. Promoting education and wellness continues to be one of our leading efforts in farm-working communities.





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49 supporters

$75,000 goal

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California Farmworker Foundation

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