Jolene Donation

Jolene was rescued from a kill pen in November of 2020. When we rescued Jolene, we had no idea that this mare was pregnant. Six months later, our sweet Willie was born. Since day one, Jolene has shown to be nothing but compassionate and willingness. She has been one of the easiest to work with and is calm and collected always. Jolene has proven to be an amazing mother to Willie. Once Willie was weaned from his mother, we began working with Jolene and have come to love her quirks.  Jolene is a horse that requires the utmost amount of trust and understanding from her rider. With more time we have no doubt she will become an exceptional horse for riders of all ages.


Your compassionate gesture has the power to make a real difference in Jolene's life. By making a donation, you directly contribute to providing essential care, nourishment, and medical support for Jolene and her equine companions at Sanctuary Horses. Your support allows us to create a haven where these remarkable animals, like Jolene, can thrive in a loving environment. Every contribution, inspired by a simple click, fuels our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for more horses, including mares, in need. Your generosity brings us closer to ensuring a brighter and more secure future for Jolene and all the Sanctuary Horses. We are truly grateful for your compassion and the positive impact you're making on their lives.


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