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75% of $10,000 goal

Support CIFWI's Programming in 2021

At CIFWI, we have the vision to create and expand therapeutic spaces for Asian and Asian American youth and immigrant families in the Greater Philadelphia region. 

Your donations will directly go into creating the following programs:

(1) Wellness Leadership Program 2021: This program will be a continuation of our 2020 program. Our first cohort consists of a community of 40 high school and college students in the Greater Philadelphia area as well as 20 Asian American mental health professionals, educators and mentors. Together, we work to destigmatize mental health in the Asian American community and learn to develop and support each other to improve overall wellness.

(2) Racial Healing in AAPI Community: This program will provide a space for AAPI millennials to address their racial trauma and find healing through collective mindfulness and identity-affirming social support.

(3) Beyond Barriers for Chinese Immigrant Families: This program will offer Chinese-speaking immigrant families  a safe space to share their stories and build resilience in the face of immigrant trauma through social support and community building. The program will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

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(2) 跨越障礙:計劃將為移民家庭提供一個私密的、 友好的、安全的空間,以處理圍繞 有關因為移民、工作、子女溝通、家庭等帶來的壓力或任何與自己的情緒健康有關的想法和感受。項目會以中文進行。

(3)  亞裔社区的种族治愈:该计划将为亞裔千禧一代提供一个解决种族创伤的空间,并通过集体正念和确认身份的社会支持来找到治療。



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