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KITS4KIDS Protection Campaign



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Thank you for helping us! Our mission is to teach individuals, businesses and communities on how to be more sustainable, and be prepared and ready when an event happens. As we accomplish our mission, your donation will save lives, property and money.

Our first initiative is Kits4Kids We want to protect our kids! Reports are showing that anxiety, depression, PTSD and suicides have all risen substantially due to the isolation from COVID, shootings at schools and other events, bullying, social media, in addition to the pressure of school and parents. In January, Pew Research found that 76% of parents are worried about their kid's mental health because of everything that is happening. Shooting are the #1 killer of our children. 

That is where we can step in and make a difference and you can help us. We have designed go-kits that fit in their everyday backpacks that they take to school, the playground, wherever they go. We educate the parents on what needs to go in their emergency kits at home. When something happens the go-kit comes out of the backpack and into the emergency kit. Each kit is valued at $25.00.

We want to provide tangible items to help children in a crisis while we are teaching the adults about emergency kits and plans for their homes and each member of the household. We will also educate the businesses and community leaders on how to be prepared for disasters of any kind. 

Your generous donations will help CKM Preparedness expand our reach into communities by providing kits, education and other resources to make kids and adults be resilient and more sustainable.  

We teach "The Journey to Sustainability  through The Power of Preparedness" and "How to Do Well by Doing Good" 

Thank you for your support, 

Coni Meyers, Founder/President



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Crisis Knowledge Management and Preparedness Foundation

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