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Claim Our Space Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to emboldening urgent action in the efforts of ending white supremacy and saving all Black lives. With intersectionality and accessibility at the forefront of our mission, our collective provides resources and calls to action that educate, motivate, and unionize our Freedom Fighters to take action and speak truth to power.

Since our launch in June 2020, we have created free accessible educational resources, as well as compiled a National Research Database that includes information on Black mental healthcare, Queer safe spaces, police reform, and a dozen other topics. We also have ignited our Freedom Fighters across the country this fall to register voters in vulnerable Black and brown communities, as well as saved over $100,000 for those communities by registering people for the 2020 census. We have hosted rallies, created a dozen pop-ups across the nation, and have been featured on NY1, CBS, and Playbill highlighting our campaigns and work.


As we look toward the new year with hope, love, and resolve to continue our work to lift up BIPOC communities across the country, we are excited to launch our Giving Tuesday campaign culminating in a unique and special event on December 1. The money raised will be supporting Claim Our Space Now in our fight for freedom in 2021, specifically in launching our next initiative, Project FROM, which will support marginalized communities through individual acts of generosity in the coming year and beyond. With any donation you can manage, you'll also be invited to join us on December 1st for an evening of performances, inspiration, education, and celebration of the meaningful work our community has accomplished since our founding. We are so grateful for your generosity and belief in Claim Our Space Now, as we look forward to another year of rallying our communities to fight for all Black lives and dismantling white supremacy. 

For donations of $500 or more, we will be offering the following VIP packages:

Warrior $500 - $999 

Admittance to the VIP pre-show reception with Claim Our Space Executive Board members and surprise guests. Special program recognition. A limited edition Giddy X COSpace face mask 

Sponsor $1,000 - $4,999

Admittance to the VIP pre-show reception with Claim Our Space Executive Board members and surprise guests. Special program recognition. Three limited edition Giddy X COSpace face masks. Special edition photo print from Brooklyn based Black photographer as part of his thought provoking series on the nuances of Black masculinity. 

Partner $5,000 and beyond!

Admittance to the VIP pre-show reception with Claim Our Space Executive Board members and surprise guests. Special program recognition. 5 custom Giddy masks created between you and the designer. A personalized art commission from renowned Black visual artist. Private concert with exciting Broadway stars!

 Project FROM (First Round's On Me)

WHAT: Inspired by individual acts of generosity during the global pandemic, Project FROM will launch in 2021 with the mission of benefiting the most disadvantaged communities in New York and across the country. Our work begins by forging change in the following areas: mental health resources in the Black community, 
prison reform, and 
food & housing security. 

WHY: Due to policies born out of white supremacy and the oppression of marginalized communities in our country, a single economic hurdle such as the need for therapy or taking on the responsibility or care of a family member can significantly and destructively alter the lives of those who seek freedom from the very forces that attempt to suppress that progress. For many individuals on the economic margin, small acts of restorative justice from Project FROM will significantly change the outlook of that work, and enrich broader communities, helping to realize the limitless potential of the human spirit across the country and around the world.

HOW: Project FROM will deploy 4 distinct phases in communities, where Claim Our Space Now will move from direct local funding, to sustained community development, individual grants, and finally, specialized endowments.



230 supporters

$20,000 goal

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