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Claim Our Space Now is a NYC Based and Black-Queer and Immigrant led, fiscally sponsored nonprofit organization focused on building and mobilizing community power by making activism accessible and dismantling systems of white supremacy through our three tenets: Inform, Inspire, Speak Truth to Power. As an intersectional coalition, we act as a multimedia resource online and on-the-ground to provide aid and empower the Black community.

Since our launch in June 2020, we have created free accessible educational resources, as well as compiled a National Resource Directory that includes information and direct connections to Black mental healthcare, Queer safe spaces, police reform, and a dozen other resources that save all Black Lives. We also have ignited our Freedom Fighters across the country to register voters in empower our Black and brown communities, as well as saved over $100,000 in federal funding for those communities by registering people for the 2020 census. We have hosted rallies, created a dozen pop-ups across the nation, and have been featured on NY1, CBS, and Playbill highlighting our campaigns and work.


As we look toward the new year with hope, love, and resolve to continue our work to lift up BIPOC communities across the country, we are excited to launch our ongoing Giving Tuesday campaign. The money raised will be supporting Claim Our Space Now in our fight for freedom in 2022, specifically in launching our next initiative, Claim Our Food Now, which will support NYC Caribbean immigrant communities who face food insecurity due to the looming threat of detainment and deportation. With family members leads to a lessened quality of emotional and physical health on top of already existing financial hardships immigrants face in America. 

With our initiative, Claim Our Food Now, we intend to create community lead programs to provide groceries and ensure the survival of our neighbors who immigrated from Haiti* impacted by lack of access to nutritious food until economic conditions allow them to purchase food at reasonable prices. With providers being stripped from their families, food insecurity runs rampant in immigrant communities alongside “cyclical patterns of poor health, unregulated employment [with poor working conditions], and severely limited access to health care and social services” (qtd. Carney & Krause, 2).

Through multi-action efforts over the course of 3 phases we will provide immediate and sustained support coupled with holistic abolitionist education that raises our immigrant communities’ consciousness and empowers all to claim their dignity and access to basic human needs. This can only happen with the abolition of ICE and punitive systems that degrade their means of living and instead give immigrants seeking asylum in the US the support they need to lead the better life America claims to provide.

We are so grateful for your generosity and belief in Claim Our Space Now, as we look forward to another year of educating, motivating, unionizing, and mobilizing our communities to fight for all Black lives and dismantling white supremacy. 

Claim Our Food Now

In 2022, we are looking forward to launching our new initiative, Claim Our Food Now, to provide consistent community care in the form of food security for NYC Caribbean immigrant families impacted by the threat of deportation.

We will donate culturally specific and nutritious foods to support their immediate needs while creating sustainable community programs to educate, motivate, and unionize our neighbors to abolish ICE and prevent further harm for future generations.

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230 Supporters

83% of $20,000 goal

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