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Gentle Hoss did not live to spend all the funds that were donated for his medical needs in 2014. At the time of his passing, enough funds were left for TASP to keep the account open, to be officially turned into a memorial fund for giant breed (over 80lbs.) dogs in crisis. Since then, thanks to the giant-loving community, the Hoss fund has continued its mission of helping XL dogs get the care they need to get healthy and safe.


Hoss was generous in size and in soul and his memory can be appropriately honored and immortalized by helping other giant dogs who, like him, need special assistance to prevent their suffering.

Anyone with a weakness for the biggins can help them get right by donating right here.

As always, 100% of all donations will be applied to the animals, as we are a 100% volunteer organization. Thanks for caring about Hoss and for all the giants out there.

To date, The Hoss Fund has helped save ELEVEN giant breed dogs: 214lb. Tinkerbell, big, beautiful Izza, service dog, Maia, Chief the giant GSD, King James the handsomest Cane Corso ever, Maybelline the Neopolitan Mastif, Buddy, the gentle giant Chocolate Lab mix, Blossom the sugar-pop English Mastiff, Noah the gentle-giant Golden Retriever, Max the Rottweiller, and Mocha the Leonberger. Some of these are owned dogs who came to us for help with veterinary care; others were brought into our Bright Futures foster and adoption program so they could receive the extra-special TLC they needed to find their just-right home. We are happy to report ALL these generously proportioned canines are now Living Large with their families thanks to contributions made specifically to the Hoss Fund for Giant Breed Dogs! Wouldn't Hoss be proud?


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