Chai On The Har Club

✨ Join the Chai On The Har Club and support the fight for equal rights and access to the Temple Mount all year long! Your recurring monthly or annual donation to High On The Har - starting at just $18 a month or $216 a year - allows us to focus on doing what matters most… our critical work, which includes: making daily ascensions, teaching Torah, leading Minyan, creating impactful educational content, normalizing our Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, increasing the number of visitors to the Temple Mount, providing inspirational Temple Mount tours and a meaningful spiritual experience for people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds!




​✔️ Your name, or the name of a loved one, featured on the Chai On The Har Club website!

✔️ A personal video message of gratitude from High On The Har filmed on the Temple Mount!

✔️ Exclusive updates on our work, upcoming projects and financial development!

✔️ A lifetime discount code for Shop On The Har, our new online store!

✔️ And an annual Chanukkah gift, personally selected by High On The Har!


✨ It is only with your support that we can continue our work on behalf of the Jewish people, and ensure the Temple Mount returns to being a House of Prayer for all nations! Be a part of history and help us realize the dream of building the Third Temple in our time by joining the Chai On The Har Club today! Learn more or meet our members at


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Organized by The PFAP Foundation Inc
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 92-1122087
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