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In a world filled with confusion, division, and distractions, SPIRITUS missionaries lead thousands of youth into life-changing encounters with the Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus.

"The retreat was a great experience to encounter God." - student

"I’m hoping I can help them understand that there is so much more joy, peace, love, and freedom when you put Jesus first in your life." - Caroline, missionary

"The retreat was very inspirational and calming." - student

"SPIRITUS is phenomenally amazing people whose presence, words, and actions change and inspire our youth." - religious educator

Please help us bring Jesus to the youth!


SPIRITUS missionaries give nine months of service to inspire 5,000 Catholic youth on 150 retreats throughout Wisconsin. The missionaries lead the youth into powerful encounters with Jesus that help the youth embrace a life of faith.

Your gift will help provide the $15,000 needed per missionary to provide for their basic needs, leadership formation, and mentoring.

Consider donating monthly! Your ongoing support makes the mission possible.



21 supporters

$120,000 goal

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EIN 39-1536251