"Circles" Music Video feat. New Orleans Roller Skaters

We are raising funds to bring NOLA roller-skate culture to a larger community in a music video for J.Mix's upcoming single "Circles."


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Hey my loves! My name is Jessica Mixon (J.Mix) and I am a ROLLER-SKATING singer, dancer, actress, model, director, producer, podcaster, and musician. I am also the founder and owner of 17th Productions, which specializes in roller-skate culture as a means of creative expression. With nearly two decades of performing in theatre, TV, and film, I have learned a lot about the journey of bringing someone's artistic vision to life. 

Mr. Squrl and J.Mix jam skating during music video shoot for "PARTY" by Future Cowboys. Photo by Jason Kruppa

17th Productions is producing a music video for my upcoming single "Circles" premiering in Spring 2022. The music video, premiering in Summer 2022, will showcase New Orleans roller skaters of diverse races, shapes, and sizes. To ensure that we produce a quality product, our goal is to reach $4,000 to aid in fulfilling production costs. 

All donors will receive an honorable mention in the video credits. And donors over $25 will additionally receive an exclusive J.Mix sticker created by @batterybroken on IG. 


Times are rough for so many of us right now. I understand it's not always possible to contribute financially. Please don't worry -- your support and belief in this project matters most. Sharing this campaign on social media or with a friend would be just as appreciated. Every little gesture helps!


It's March 2021. I'm minding my business and taking an afternoon nap...

Somewhere in between slumber and being awake, I dreamt a catchy tune with a fire bass line and melody. I abruptly gained consciousness and ran to Logic Pro to lay down what I had just heard before it disappeared from my memory.

Click for a sample of what I came up with.

I named it "Circles" respectively.

Soon thereafter, I shared the demo with a handful of friends and it caught the attention of Andy Bower, who had just launched a song writing collaboration project for New Orleans artists. Andy invited me to be a part of "The Songwriter Collaboration" to produce "Circles." And the rest is history-in-the-making.


The "Circles" music video project is based on the belief that living "happy, wild, and free" is contagious and will keep you movin and groovin in unapologetic fashion. I, along with members of the New Orleans roller skate community, will be decked out in vibrant, colorful, retro, "neon vapor wave" inspired costuming. The visual aesthetic will be nostalgic to the early 80s era with elements of 2022 flair. Below are images from our mood board. 

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Below is a teaser I released last summer in anticipation of the "Circles" release. The version of "Circles"  you hear in this video is a mash-up of my demo track and the track being produced at NOLA Recording Studios.

Click to watch 

Video cred: Alexander Volberding


Writing/Production Credits:
Written by Jessica Mixon and Andy Bower
Arranged & Produced by Andy Bower
Recorded by Michael Harvey @ NOLA Recording Studios

Andrew Szypula- Drums & Percussion
Milton Matthews- Drums & Percussion
Andy Bower- Key Bass
Jonathan Solomon- Bass
Geovane Santos- Guitar
Michael Torregano Jr.- Keyboard
Jessica Mixon- Synth
Joshua Blaylock- Synth Lead

Kate Withrow- Violin
Amelia Clingman- Viola
Rachel Hsieh- Cello

Scott Johnson- Saxophone
Andrew “Da Phessah” Baham- Trumpet
Emily L. Fredrickson- Trombone

Caren Green- Background Vocals
Daphney Landry- Background Vocals
Assata Renay- Background Vocals


Below are some of our most recent music video projects that I've directed and produced. The budgets for these projects were under $4k combined, so imagine how much MORE we can accomplish with $4k!

PARTY - Future Cowboys




There are common risks in any film project including appropriate budgeting, scheduling, circumstances that delay shoot dates and safety precautions. The current plan is to shoot "Circles" in New Orleans at the end of April for a Summer 2022 release. Our biggest challenge will be scheduling around NOLA festivals that are taking place this Spring. With enough preliminary preparation, however, we should not run into any problems.

Another challenge we may encounter is finding locations within the City of New Orleans and surrounding areas that are safe for roller skating. Due to the local skate rinks being closed for repair from Hurricane Ida, we have to scout for venues that will allow our talent to safely skate on their property. We will be hiring professional roller skaters with experience on various surfaces, but that does not negate the probability of injury.

We pride ourselves in producing work that is captivating, intentional, and authentic to the culture. In order to do so, we have to take into account the safety and labor of all of the personnel involved. We have completed a preliminary budget, and ensured that our crew size will fall within the safety measures set in the NOLA area at today's date, with constant updates being made.

17th Productions will require all personnel to provide proof of vaccination and/or a negative Covid-19 test prior to filming. Extra precaution will be taken to ensure safety and comfort to everyone involved. PPE and sanitizer will be provided.


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2 Supporters

5% of $4,000 goal

"Circles" Music Video feat. New Orleans Roller Skaters