Health & Wellness in a Time of Crisis


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Interfaith Community Clinic

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Can you imagine living in a world where you didn’t have a doctor to turn to when you didn’t feel well? Troubling symptoms and pains would linger and worsen until a visit to the Emergency Room was the only option.  What would have been a minor illness evolves into complications that lead to missed work days, a serious illness, lost time at work, or the inability to take care of your family.  Unfortunately, this is the reality for more than 100,000 individuals living in Montgomery County who do not have health insurance coverage.

Community health is vital to everyone in the region, especially during these very challenging times.  Please consider making a contribution to help Interfaith Community Clinic continue to serve existing patients, while also welcoming so many of our neighbors who are out of work because of the impact of COVID-19.  They need your help now more than ever.

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