We, United Colors of Cancer, in order to form a cancer-free world, declare   Liberation of the Cancer Landscape:

There is no colorism here. There is no body part contest: colon cancer is as valid as breast cancer. A benign diagnosis can have the same survivor effects as a malignant one. There is no place for a disease hierarchy. 

We are a united community and declare: ALL are welcome

We acknowledge the cancer disparities and actively work towards equity

We pursue change. We educate. We invest. We support. We empower. We advocate. 

We are United Colors of Cancer. 

Join us as we Color the Data,  Color the Care, and COLOR THE CURE!

Liberate the Cancer Space

Join the UCC TRIBE by donating:

$7 helps support "jammin in treatment” playlist downloads.

$27 helps provides a survivor/thriver with a self love/pamper kit for “Self-love Saturdays”

$54 helps support our monthly “virtual” meetings “Mama’s Table” so ALL have access to supportive care.

$118 helps provide a passion project scholarship to a cancer survivor.

Your support offers a safe and inclusive space to Black and Brown cancer survivors; for us by us.

Your support empowers the BIPOC cancer community.

Your support increases BIPOC cancer survivorship.


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