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Prowling the Abyss goes to Orlando Fringe!

"Prowling the Abyss" Goes to Orlando International Fringe Festival!

I am so thrilled that my show is going to Orlando Fringe! Can you help this independent movement theatre artist bring my show to Orlando? 


Prowling the Abyss

I am more proud of Prowling the Abyss than anything I've made in my 20 or so years of devising theatre from improvisation. It includes everything I love: queerness, femininity, mythology, clown, a deep sense of the poetic, absurd comedy, food (mimed food!), and ... a cat (as played by yours truly)! 

In this play, the Medusa has returned as a brooding lipstick lesbian who does stand up. She and the other forms in the play - a breathy femme who loves milkshakes and bubbles, an exhausted clown who would like it if you could please give her a sandwich, a nymph-like creature, and...a cat! - lead the audience on a romp through human history and the mythic, with one question at the center of it all: What if the world was Femme? .... 


About Orlando Fringe

I was thrilled when I learned my show was picked for this festival! When I inquired with friends who had performed in it, they insisted "YOU MUST DO IT"! I now know why! Everyone I have engaged with through the festival has been warm, helpful, supportive, and extremely well-organized. The surrounding community which supports the festival is equally fantastic.


Wasn't I nervous to go to ...Florida??? YES - until I connected with the folks there, as well as artist friends who toured to play there previously, and learned that this festival is a kind of bejeweled rainbow bubble in the state of Florida - very, very gay, and very, very appropriate for my lesbionic show! Phew! And also, YAY!


What will fundraising expenses go to?


2 weeks without work When I'm not creating movement theatre or teaching it to artists, I work with youth in NYC schools as a tutor, teaching artist, and leadership workshop facilitator. 2 weeks of work is around $1000-1200.


Festival Fees Every fringe festival asks artists to pay a production fee. These are quite reasonable considering what you're getting - a fully decked out theatre venue with a full tech and promotional support from the festival. Also, this particular fringe pays 100% of their ticket sales to the artists - amazing! I'm told by fellow artists that I can expect to earn back the fee I've already paid, and also make a little profit, even if I don't sell out. That said, there's no way to know in advance how much that will actually be, or if it will be enough. I've already fronted festival fees - again, not too terribly much, but for an independent artist and educator, it warrants me asking for a lil help!


Travel Airline tickets from NYC to Florida are pretty cheap! That said, they still cost something! And I'll also need a couple cars to help transport all my stuff to and from airports. Also, food! And whatever else I'll need while thre.


Show Expenses My show is very minimal in terms of tech. There's no set. But I do need some things! Like nice fliers and posters to promote my show all over town! And when bringing a show out of town, there's always SOMETHING one needs last minute: lipstick, a different dress to perform in, etc. In this case, I'll likely need to buy some extra pillow to prop up Butter Sandwich (the exhausted clown who needs to lie down to be in her full form, but also needs to be visible to the audience). 


Brush up rehearsals with my wonderful director! I am beyond blessed to have the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Elizabeth Baron as my director, guide, and incredible collaborator on this artistic journey! She is extremely masterful, and also generous with her time, energy, and investment in the work. This show is a living work of art and needs attention and adjustments leading up to each new round of performances, and this requires the expert guidance of my director. 


Thank you to everyone who has supported Prowling the Abyss thus far! Elizabeth Baron, Amos A, Simone Federman, NYFA, Theaterlab / Orietta Crispino, Dixon Place / HOT Festival, Krys Fox, Trisha Bordeaux, Jay Scouten, Simon Chartrand, Justin A Taylor, Jessi D Hill, Tucson Fringe Festival, Caila Lipovsky, and now, YOU! Thank you!


Wanna know more about my work? Go here: www.karenannelight.com. 

Wanna know more about my director's work? Go here: www.elizabethbaron.org


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