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I am encouraging all club members to support and help raise funds for ShelterBox disaster relief efforts in Turkey and Syria to provide shelter and aid to families impacted by the recent earthquakes. ShelterBox is the official Rotary International partner in disaster relief.

One of our club members has generously agreed to match the first $5,000 we raise!

ShelterBox has an emergency response team in country to carry out crucial assessments and establish how to best help.

ShelterBox can provide different combinations of emergency shelter aid depending on what is needed. This could be sending tents and shelter kits, stoves, thermal blankets and clothing to keep people warm through the freezing winter nights. It could be cash to help people buy what they need to survive. Or it could be solar lights that help people when there is no electricity.

ShelterBox has experience responding to earthquakes in Turkey before, most notably the 2011 Van earthquake. ShelterBox also has an ongoing program of work supporting people displaced by conflict in Syria. Learn more about ShelterBox at

Please donate today.

Thank you,

Marilyn Nevy Cruz,

President 22-23, Rotary Club of Washington D.C.

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22 Supporters


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