Drums & Dragons Goes Virtual for 2020!

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MemoryCare is an independent, community-based, charitable organization established in June of 2000 in western North Carolina. We serve adults with cognitive impairment and their families with a model that integrates education and support of caregivers with expert medical care of those with dementia.

Dementia impacts not only the person with the illness but the family as well. At MemoryCare, when a person with dementia comes for a visit in our clinic, they come with family as well – every visit, every time. Having input from family members who know the person well is essential for making and implementing appropriate plans. Over time, as the illness progresses, having a family that understands the disease and has access to an expert team who knows them and their loved one can make all the difference!

For MemoryCare to operate, it costs, on average, $1,600 per family, per year for the comprehensive care we provide. Ironically, while MemoryCare accepts any insurance, no insurance covers the full cost of educating, training, and supporting families in a way that every guideline says is necessary. Each year MemoryCare has the challenge of raising 50% of our revenue from charitable funds. Fundraising covers not only costs for the care of low-income families but for the budgetary gap we have for all families we see. Below are several quotes from families we've served:

“You are who I turn to when I need something”

“You gave us the tools we needed to be the caregivers our mother needed”

"When you come, you know that you are doing all you can, and will get the best care- that's priceless"

“I can’t imagine what people do without a program like yours”

We share in WNC Bridge’s vision of improving the health services that are available to our community. We are deeply grateful to the support from WNC Bridge to help us continue serving families who need the care of MemoryCare.

MemoryCare is here to serve any family with need through the need and generosity of this community. Please know that your contribution makes a difference. Thank you.

To learn more about our program, visit our website at www.memorycare.org




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This year, due to the ongoing pandemic we've had to temporarily hang-up our paddles and move to a virtual format. Our goal is to keep the virtual event health-driven and engaging while upholding the camaraderie-based, team-building nature of the event in our fundraising efforts.



https://www.32auctions.com/Drums & Dragons 2020

Virtual Drums & Dragons Month-Long Calendar of Events

Week 1 (9/21-9/27)

Congratulations to Bob Jackson, Elizabeth Williams, Nathan Johnson & Deb Curley-Dempsey ('cuz we simply couldn't pick only 3) for being chosen as the winners of Week # 1's Challenge "Stay Healthy, Stay Active."

Bob has run in three virtual Marathons since the pandemic began...and he runs to and from work each day!!! Deb has been chasing her toddler, has him helping tend her garden, and is ultimately spending as much time as possible out in the natural world to remain healthy & grounded. Elizabeth has Bodie and Molly to keep her outdoors...in rain or shine. And Nathan just biked up to Point Lookout! Way to stay healthy and active, friends!


Theme: Stay Healthy, Stay Active

Challenge: Show us what you've been doing to stay active and healthy throughout the pandemic. We want to see your photos, videos, or even a sentence or two on your methods. Meditation, gardening, cycling, running, boating, walking...even housekeeping and child-rearing count! ;-)

Email: [email protected] by no later than 9/26/20 and we will select the top 3 choices to share on next week's page. Winners will be entered into a prize drawing.

Penny Sanburn of Dynamic Dragon Boat Co. demonstrates all things Dragon Boat Racing in a video she recorded EXCLUSIVELY FOR our 2020 Virtual Drums & Dragons Event! She will demonstrate paddling techniques that can be used for all types of boats, including kayaks, canoes, and of course...dragon boats! She also shares insight on how best to cope during the pandemic, information on the sport and the incredible work these important fundraisers are doing around the country, and much more! There's also a surprise guest who shows up around minute 19...but you have to watch it to catch it! Enjoy!

Week 2  (9/28-10/4)

Congratulations to Kris Bryant for winning last week's "Pay it Forward" wellness challenge! 

"COVID has closed Physical Therapy access for many seniors. They also don't get outside much. So, I took this dear lady along when I went to see my horse and made sure she got some good fun exercise to replace her physical therapy." - Kris



Theme: Pay it Forward

Challenge: Do something positive for a person or place in your community. Offer to cook a meal for a single parent. Share items from your garden with your neighbors, walk an injured or ill friend's dog, pick up trash on the roadside, at a park, or at your favorite hiking spot.

Email your photos, videos, or thoughts to [email protected] by no later than 10/3/20 and we will select the top 3 choices to share on next week's page. Winners will be entered into a prize drawing.

Week 3 (10/5-10/11)


Theme: Nature Is the Best Medicine

Challenge: Spend time outdoors with your family & friends. Pitch a tent. Kayak, canoe, or just go for a swim. Hike somewhere new. Take time to stop and smell the flowers. Then share with us your methods for winding down during this difficult time.

Congratulations to our Week #3 Winners: Troop  603 from Hendersonville who hiked 15+ miles  in Pisgah National Forest, exemplifying that "Nature is the Best Medicine!"


Theme: Be the Change Our Community Needs to Paddle Forward!

Ultimate Fundraising Push!!!  

Congratulations to our 2020 Top Fundraising Nonprofit Team: MountainCare!

2020 Best Dressed Drummer: Nathan Johnson of Irene's Argonauts!


Best Dragon Costume or Prop: MountainCare


The organizations that participate in Drums & Dragons and the services they provide are as unique as the event itself.  

Funds raised during this year's Drums & Dragons will allow Blue Ridge Health to greatly improve medical treatment options for low-income families, help The Community Table prevent families in Jackson County from going to bed hungry, and allow developmentally challenged adults to thrive with the help of caring Staff of the Irene Wortham Center. Your generosity will also help St. Gerard House improve their capacity to serve children with autism, allow caregivers respite while their family members attend MountainCare's Adult Day services, and provide low-cost temporary housing at the Rathbun House, the only Hospitality House in the region, for non-Buncombe area residents whose families are undergoing medical treatment in nearby hospitals.

 We can't do any of this without your help! Please give what you can and share the tremendous needs of these nonprofits with others. We wholeheartedly thank you all for your support!


A very warm thanks to this year's Platinum Dragon Sponsor, Vannoy Construction!

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