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Dear Friends and Families,

After much work, we have finally brought the dream of Hanover Christian Academy, a Christian homeschool cooperative, to near-fruition. The last eighteen months have been a true test of faith for parents, particularly as it pertains to our children. Many families are struggling with the idea that public school no longer offers a safe or healthy environment, physically or spiritually, for their most precious and vulnerable members. We understand that homeschooling can be a daunting endeavor, and yet it appears that it might be the only solution left for many of us.

As a result, our group of homeschooling parents has gathered to create a solution for those parents, some of whom work outside of the home, and for whom private school is not an option due to financial and other reasons. We saw a need for a homeschool cooperative to help those families who are looking for a Christian community to help provide their homeschool students with a quality education that is focused on academics taught from a Christian worldview.

Our goal at Hanover Christian Academy is to answer that need with affordable, quality education as an alternative to public school or expensive private schools. We offer small classes taught by experienced instructors (tutors) to supplement each family’s homeschool education at an affordable rate. Families can take advantage of a full course of instruction or sign up for as little as one course.


Working towards non-profit status.

In negotiations with potential host church locations.

Classes start September 20, 2021.


Please consider donating to help defray the start-up costs associated with the co-op. Some of these costs include liability insurance, attorney fees, classroom equipment, curriculum materials, playground equipment and scholarships.

As always, prayers for guidance and support, or help spreading the word to your friends and family, would be greatly appreciated.

As parents, we feel passionately that our duty is to both protect and educate our children, to prepare the next generation to think critically, and to lead them in the understanding of the grace that has been given to us by God. There has been no time in the past that has been more important and vital than right now, and we’re truly excited to embark on this endeavor!

Thank you so much for your time, consideration and prayers.

III John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”



2 Supporters

1% of $50,000 goal

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