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The magic of Fairy Goodmothers began in March 2005 when five friends from Dublin, Ohio were on a trip to Chicago. While they were there, they became aware of The Glass Slipper Project, which is an organization that gifts prom dresses and accessories free of charge to high school students in need in the Chicago area. After returning to Columbus, these women couldn't shake the thought about how happy the students must've been and how wonderful it would be if they could create that same joy for high school youth in Columbus.

Eighteen years and 18,000 dresses gifted to high school students later, the Fairy Goodmothers are still going strong and are committed to making sure all students who attend our annual Cinderella's Closet Boutique leave with a dress, jewelry, and accessories that help make their prom evening sparkle. We stock our "closet" with donations from the community, local businesses and organizations, and corporate donors. Monetary donations help us in a variety of ways - including (but not limited to) securing event space, covering operations expenses, and purchasing dresses in hard-to-find sizes.

All donations are appreciated and help keep us making magic from year to year!


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