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Each year thousands of fans flock to downtown Des Moines for an amazing weekend of music— celebrating art, culture and togetherness. In fact, the 80/35 Music Festival has become such a part of our community it’s difficult to imagine life without it. And with your help, we won’t have to.

Because the music industry requires large audiences and live experiences, the sudden shift toward distancing and isolation required due to COVID-19 sent our industry reeling— and the 13th annual 80/35 Music Festival was cancelled.

We can bring it back, stronger than ever— with your help.

Rather than relying solely on corporate sponsors, we’ve chosen to give our fans the chance to show your support, as YOU have helped build the 80/35 experience since day one.


Hex Girls performing on the Iowa Public Radio Stage at the 2019 80/35 Music Festival. Photo by: Alyssa Leight

Take the lead music fans!

80/35 has always been a festival “by the people, for the people,” organized by a non-profit, staffed with volunteers, and played by bands that support the DMMC’s mission of growing and cultivating Iowa’s music scene.

Now, you can show how much you believe in the festival by investing in its future. With your generous support, 80/35 will continue to inspire future performers, grow our music scene, and bring our community together.


Will you help us reach our goal of raising $200,000?

As a supporter of "Keep 80/35 Alive", you'll receive cool perks like early access to tickets for future festivals and events, exclusive opportunities, custom festival merch, free music downloads, and of course — ALL the feels that come along with keeping Des Moines' music scene thriving!

  • A gift of $35 -First opportunity to buy early-bird GA tickets to 80/35 + First opportunity for volunteer positions at DMMC events + Subscription to DMMC e-newsletter
  • $50-$75- All of the above perks + First opportunity to buy early-bird VIP tickets to 80/35, FREE Download of local music recorded on our podcast In The Birdroom with Jordan Mayland
  • $100-$150- All of the above perks + Access to Lagunitas Couchtrippin' Lounge at 80/35 + First opportunity to buy early-bird tickets to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), DMMC's all-Iowa music festival
  • $200-$250- All of the above perks + 2 FREE General Admission passes to 80/35
  • $300-$350- All of the above perks + FREE custom 80/35 merch
  • $400-$450- All of the above perks + Invitation to Backstage Brunch at 80/35, a behind-the-scenes chance to see 80/35 before the festival that includes a free breakfast
  • $500-$550- All of the above perks + 2 FREE passes to GDP & Backstage Ball, our fun and music-filled annual fundraiser
  • $600 and up- All of the above perks + 2 FREE VIP passes to 80/35 + Special donor recognition on the DMMC website and in the Annual Report

“We’re all in this together” has never felt more significant than now, imagining Des Moines without 80/35 is simply unthinkable. We’ve already lost some of our communities greatest cultural treasures such as the Vaudeville Mews and the Des Moines Social Club. So, let’s work together to Keep 80/35 Alive!

Your investment gives us the ability to ensure the continued success of 80/35. 

Your investment gives you ownership in 80/35 for a lifetime.

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169 supporters

$200,000 goal

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