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Some of you may remember this nameless girl, found fending for herself in the woods in Florida, fighting off coyotes and rattlesnakes, alone and scared. She was found and brought to the nearest animal shelter, where she was soon to be euthanized.Linus & Friends saw her and knew we had to get her out of there. So, we did. The community worked together to get her seen, get her out of the shelter, and get her transferred to her current foster. 

We named her Moonchild after the Childlike Empress from the Neverending Story, who also didn’t have a name until the end of the movie. Moonchild needs your help again. She’s only about a year and a half old and deserves better. She will need to go to training to learn to manage her reactivity toward other animals. This training is intensive and costly, far beyond the means of our small rescue, but we refuse to give up on her! We saved this sweet girl's life together, now lets make sure she gets to live it to the fullest!

All eligible donations are tax-deductible if desired.

EIN: 86-1999398



21 supporters

$3,000 goal

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