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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic,  the team at Rethink has managed to turn its operations into Rethink Emergency Food Management and also launched a Restaurant Response Program. The Restaurant Response Program works towards solving two issues; it enables Rethink to help restaurants by keeping them afloat and employ recently laid-off workers who would otherwise be unemployed during this difficult period, as well as significantly increasing their meal production and give the community more access to nutritious meals. Last week Rethink, along with Eleven Madison Chef and founding board member, Daniel Humm,  kicked off a partnership with American Express to turn Eleven Madison Park into a commissary, resulting in press coverage in The New York TimesCNNYahoo FinanceDepartures and more. A segment on Rethink was also on CBS Saturday Morning on April 11.  Rethink has also come to the aid of 9 additional restaurants throughout New York City via the Restaurant Response Program. In just the past 3 weeks, Rethink has created 60+ jobs and delivered over 50,000 meals to those in need.

The Emergency Food Distribution Plan offers you the opportunity to help our city and join Rethink to directly alleviate the suffering caused by COVID-19. The next stage of this plan has a drive goal of $700,000 to deploy 10 food trucks for the next 6 weeks to distribute over 150,000 total meals to healthcare workers every day during the crisis. The food is donated, so 100% of donations will support staff and facilities costs. At the end of the crisis, these trucks will be repurposed to support Rethink in our core operations of feeding hungry New Yorkers.

Agencies are depending on the strength of our food emergency food system more than ever. As the normal supply chain (unused restaurant food) is completely shut off, it’s a critical time to raise funds for Rethink and its initiatives. With additional support from mission-driven individuals like you, Rethink would have the ability to take their program nationally, to help other cities in need as a result of COVID-19, and future times of need.  Currently, Rethink has a goal of $10 million which will create more than 2 million meals nationwide and employ over 1,000 Americans. 

Thank you for your consideration to donate to this worthy organization during this unprecedented time. Needless to say, every amount matters.


Joseph Cervantes made a donation

1 month ago


So great to hear your story and how you are helping people in need, God Bless you all, tremendous work! Keep it up, please.

Jeffrey Marcus made a donation

2 months ago


Paula Perlis made a donation

2 months ago


Sol Gaitán and Barry Morganstern made a donation

2 months ago


We are stretching our money around several organizations trying to help people, both here and in Colombia. We are particularly worried about those who live in substandard conditions who have to go out every day to put food on their table, risking their lives. That's why we appreciate Eleven Madison Park's effort in that direction. That alone will make going back to the restaurant a much more meaningful experience for us.

Anonymous made a donation

2 months ago

Thank you so much for taking care of our community in this way!

Gretchen Wilde made a donation

2 months ago


we'll get thru this as a community.

Joan and Steven Rosenfeld made a donation

2 months ago


We were married at 11 Madison Park in 2007 and are happy to support this wonderful effort .

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