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Neighborhood Pets is a community-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization that cares about people and the animals they love. Neighborhood Pets provides low cost wellness care, a free spay/neuter program, a pet food bank, veterinary care assistance, low cost pet supplies, counseling and other resources to the people we serve.

With relationships and building trust in the community at the core of our work, our services range from providing services and information, to referring to other programs including human-focused agencies. Our services are available to any pet owner with low-income who resides in Cleveland or East Cleveland. Our resource center has walk-in hours three days a week, with scheduled wellness and spay/neuter appointments. Through August 12th, 4.434 people have walked through our doors this year seeking help for their pets (compared to 3,373 all of last year).

Many of them are like Ray. Ray came into Neighborhood Pets looking for help with his senior boxer named Dozer. Dozer had started having seizures, had lost her vision, and was acting very strange. Ray was beside himself with worry, and as a senior on a fixed income just didn't have the extra funds to take her to the vet. Because of the generosity of our donors, we were able to give Ray a voucher for his beloved Dozer to be seen right away at a full-service veterinary clinic.

After the exam, it was determined that Dozer likely had a brain tumor and was suffering. It was time for her to cross the rainbow bridge. Ray was devastated.

Later the same day, after the vet visit, Ray surprised the Neighborhood Pets staff by stopping by our Resource Center. Ray brought a little gift with him, and wanted to express his sincerest thanks to us for being there to help him and Dozer. We were so moved by his thoughtfulness and gratitude during such a difficult time after losing his dog. Before Ray left, our team member gave Ray a big hug. In response Ray remarked "Wow. I can't remember the last time I had a hug."

We are there for Ray, and for all of our clients. What sets Neighborhood Pets apart, and makes us unique and impactful to our community? We treat our clients as individuals, with compassion and kindness.

Funds raised through the EmbraceCLE Community Challenge, and any prize money, will be used to increase our capacity to help the ever growing number of Clevelanders who would be devastated if they had to give up their pet because of financial hardship. They are often faced with choosing between food and basic necessities for themselves and food, vet care, and supplies for their pets. These families and their non-human members just need a little help sometimes, and with your help we can be there for them.

MISSION: Recognizing the many benefits of the human animal bond, Neighborhood Pets supports people with financial needs by helping them keep their pets in their homes. We do this by providing access to affordable pet care, resources, information and other supportive services. Our welcoming environment is designed to foster trust and create long lasting relationships as we build community.

VISION: We strive for a community where all people who seek the many benefits of pet companionship have access to care and supportive services for their pets and themselves.


Love ~ We are inspired by the unconditional bond between companion animals and the people who love them. We know how important this bond is to the health and happiness of those we serve. Our staff seeks to mirror this love through our work.

Equity ~ We value all individuals and believe everyone who seeks pet companionship should be supported by the community we create and have access to services we provide.

Commitment ~ Our staff and volunteers are anchored by the people we serve. We are committed to community building and fostering collaboration and mutuality.

Compassion ~ Non-judgement, care and respect guide our service. We are grounded in empathy for all who enter our space.

Integrity ~ We hold ourselves accountable to the highest personal, professional, and ethical standards and are committed to acting with honesty, transparency, and reliability.


Campaign Ended

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Campaign Ended


242 Supporters

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