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Supporting New Moms through Community


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Empowering Moms became a non-profit program at in Toto Community Resource Center in 2021. Our mission is to empower women to gain confidence as new moms through a validating, diverse, and accepting community setting.

"Empowering Moms supported and guided me through the toughest period of my life. I struggled with PPA during the 4th trimester, and the group was a huge help in my recovery. I am so thankful I found this group, and I truly appreciate the other moms I’ve met and shared support." - A first time mom

We know that having a village for resources and support can help create a healthier experience in many ways. 

"During the new moms group I gained the most valuable information on transitioning into parenthood. I also received encouragement during a difficult time in my marriage not to mention an amazing group of wonderful friends!" - A mom of two

Our program helps women to connect and access a support system.

"I was struggling as a new and first time mom with things not going “as planned” or worrying I wasn’t doing things “right”. Empowering moms gave me an outlet to talk about those feelings and helped me realize that I was doing a better job than I thought. It’s a welcoming and comfortable space to share what’s weighing on my mind and get real support from other moms. It also helped me feel less isolated as a new mom and was amazing for my mental health." - A single mom

Maternal health is everyone's health. Empowering Moms program is partially supported by Heinz Foundation and relies on community donations to continue to grow and reach new neighborhoods. 

 Thank you for your support of the Empowering Moms Program as we support the community and continue to look for partner sites in additional neighborhoods. Please contact Program Manager, Megan Shane at [email protected] to connect about additional opportunities.  Resource Partners can be listed on our webpage for referrals as well as participate in community events. 

Your financial support helps us have a continued impact.  


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in Toto Community Resource Center

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 26-1574509