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July 2021, 8 new girls join the Unatti family and we need you to join the Unatti Foundation Sponsorship Circle!


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Today the Unatti family is thrilled to welcome 2 new Unatti sisters into the Unatti Foundation!

Our two new Unatti girls are sisters Sony age 14 and Kripa age 3.

I met these two young girls in April 2022 while I was in Nepal. I have seen some very extreme living conditions but when I entered the 6x9 foot room where these two girls live with their mentally unstable mother, I was noticeably shocked. One full size bed fills the space from side to side with about a 2x4 foot floor space between the foot of the bed and the aluminum sheet door. They share a mud floored cooking area with other tenants in the rundown compound.

Sony and Kripa join a small group of girls that are part of the Unatti family but do not live at the Unatti Group Home for Girls. They will remain living with their mother, as Unatti social workers have concluded, Kripa is the primary caretaker of her mother and moving Kripa to the Unatti Group Home for Girls, will cause irreparable trauma, leave her mother vulnerable to her own mental instability.

We are asking you to join the Unatti Sponsorship Circle and commit to an annual donations to see that Sony & Kripa thrive while at Unatti.

As a SPONSOR you will receive personal correspondence from your sponsored child and academic updates annually. You are also welcome to visit Unatti as we have had many sponsors bring their families to meet the child they have supported, to look into the eyes of a child whose life changed because of your generosity.

The moment they join the Unatti Foundation, a radical shift in the trajectory of their lives will begin. Where they were once fearful, anxious and confined to the chains of extreme poverty, they are now protected, supported and safe. They are on a path to empowerment, self-assuredness, and opportunity.



23 supporters

$30,000 goal

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