We Have New Sisters 2021

July 2021, 8 new girls join the Unatti family and we need you to join the Unatti Foundation Sponsorship Circle!


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At Unatti Foundation, we are entering the 20th year of supporting dozens of young girls to transition from surviving to thriving.

July 2021,  eight new girls joined the Unatti family. Each begin a new life full of opportunity, where they never again go to bed at night hungry, where education & individual interests and passions matter and most importantly, their cast or the circumstances of their birth no longer matters.

The girls in our Unatti family life together as a family for up to 15 years and your sustaining sponsorship give them the foundation they deserve including a safe and supportive home, nurturing caretakers, vitamin-rich food, therapeutic counseling, and school tuition.

Please  join our Sponsorship Circle and help turn hopelessness into empowerment with a recurring donation today!



22 supporters

$15,000 goal

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EIN 03-0411001