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Help us rebuild their home.

Australia has been devastated by destructive wildfires that have destroyed the fragile ecosystems millions of animals depend upon. Without a place to shelter or food sources, we will lose endangered species and millions of animals who have survived the fires, only to come home to…nothing but charred land.

They don’t have a home left.

On South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, nearly half of its unique koala population has already been decimated by fire.  In the coming months, the island’s surviving kangaroos, koalas and rare birds are in immediate danger. Without our help, they will suffer - dying painfully of exposure, thirst and lack of food.

They cannot rebuild their home without our help. Their lives depend on us.

This campaign is simple.

Thanks to our partner Azuna covering our donation processing fees, every dollar donated will be put towards reforesting and replanting an essential tree or bush on the island. As we work, we will show you our progress rebuilding the island habitats for these vulnerable animals.

Every penny counts. Even $1 will plant a tree. 

Please help us give them the home and food that they need to survive and thrive once again.

They deserve to have a home again.

With thanks,

Global Green USA

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Global Green USA is organizing this fundraiser in conjunction with Green Cross International.

 Global Green USA is organizing this fundraiser in conjunction with Green Cross International and Green Cross Australia.

We are an ecologically dedicated 501(c)3 organization that has advocated for, protected and preserved the environment for over 25 years. Please visit to learn more about our work. Subject to applicable law, donations may be tax-deductible.

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