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Ezekiel - Dr. Daniel Block

We are excited that Dr. Daniel Block has agreed to film a new class on Ezekiel. He has written extensively on Ezekiel and is generally considered the world’s leading expert on the book. You will also know that he is an excellent teacher if you have attended his class on Deuteronomy.


God has given BT the mission of bringing biblical education to everyone everywhere so that those seeking him will be rooted in Scripture and grow in faith. We believe studying the Bible is the best way to accomplish this mission, so our work is to bring solid biblical education to all. 


Our seminary–level classes cost $25,000 to record, produce, and deliver. Thankfully, a donor has come forward and is offering a 1:1 matching gift of $12,500. Every dollar you give becomes $2, up to $25,000. Any money that comes in beyond $12,500 will be applied to the production costs of our eight recorded classes that are waiting for funding to be produced.


Would you be part of our mission of enabling people to be rooted in Scripture and thereby leading disciples toward spiritual growth through deep biblical understanding and practice? Would you give toward Dr. Block’s class on the timely message of Ezekiel? 


Your support goes directly to expanding the Kingdom of God on Earth, and we cannot thank you enough for that. Your gifts truly make a difference.


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