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FAM177A1 Research Fund

FAM177A1 Disorder is a rare neurodevelopmental disease caused by disruption to the FAM177A1 gene. Patients with FAM177A1 disorder experience severe developmental issues, behavioral challenges, difficulty walking, seizures, and more.  There are currently no precise treatments nor a cure. 

The FAM177A1 Research Fund 's mission is to create a world where FAM177A1 patients can flourish. We are an all-volunteer, family-led 501(c)(3) foundation guided by a board of world-class scientific and medical advisors.

For rare diseases like ours, the burden of research and development of treatments almost always falls on the patient group.  The FAM177A1 Research Fund is creating a united patient and scientific community and researchers are discovering ways this previously understudied gene is vital for health. Meanwhile, science has evolved, making treatments and cures for diseases like our children’s possible.

Your donations will help accelerate the development of potentially life-transforming treatments for FAM177A1 Disorder.
  You can make a difference!

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