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The single mission of Carroll County ATC (Answering The Call) is to provide free food for those who are food insecure in Carroll County


Currently, CCATC fulfills its mission in two ways:

1) In partnership with Northwest Arkansas Food Bank as part of their Mobile Pantry, about 300 meal packages (meat/produce/shelf stable items) are made availalble twice a month (2nd and 4th Wednesdays) for pickup to anyone in need of food or to anyone who wants to deliver to someone in need.

2) On request, frozen meals are delivered to anyone who is food insecure and homebound for any reason.


CCATC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit operated 100% by volunteers. Beginning on April 1, 2020, CCATC delivered a week's worth of FREE frozen meals (7 ready-to-heat-and-serve complete per day) and fresh fruit to anyone impacted by COVID-19 and/or dealing with food insecurity. Every week, for 3 years. Initially, CCATC only served those in the Western District of Carroll County, but that sevice eventually included all of Carroll County, not just Eureka Springs and Holiday Island.


Thanks to the generosity of so many, CCATC has now delivered well over 100,000 meals since its inception. These meals have helped our neighbors beyond any ability to communicate, so please allow the words of just a few of these recipients to demonstrate the difference CCATC donors have made in their lives:


"Hello. I was wanting to sign up for this program but not sure if I am supposed to do it through messenger. I'm 8 months pregnant and I just got evicted from our old home so I'm staying with my finance in a motel room. We really need help with food because all of his paycheck will have to go towards staying here and paying other bills. I really appreciate any help. Thank you in advance."


"My daughter fell Valentine's Day and had major surgery in Springdale at the Children's Hospital. I wasn't able to get my application for food stamps turned in on time and lost my job before I could even start. We live on the 2nd floor of our apartment complex. Any food and prayers we would welcome."     


"My mom is 90 years old and lives close to Eureka Springs. She is alone. She hasn't been anywhere except a Dr appointment and rides in a car to get meds twice since March. Everyone stays away from her in order to protect her. She's getting very depressed. My heart breaks for her. I live in LR, AR. Please, is there any way to get her a Thanksgiving lunch. I would greatly appreciate it."


"I have a question for you, or maybe if you could help or at least help point me in the right direction. I would like to start a meal train for my parents. My mom has had surgery after surgery and is going back in today for another. It has been 4 weeks since the last surgery. My dad who is 74 has been taking wonderful care of her but was diagnosed within that time with esophageal cancer at stage 1. Today we are meeting with a heart surgeon praying that his heart is healthy and strong enough to withstand surgery. I am 2 hours away from them so it is hard for me to get up there as often as I would like to be sure my dad is able to take care of himself while caring for my mom. Please understand I am not asking for any kind of handout, just help and support from anyone who wouldn't mind dropping a meal to my parents for a short time so that their healing process is a little less stressful. Thank you for any help or advice you can give. It's a hard and trying time for my family right now. I don't usually reach out to anyone for help but I love my parents so much and want them to know how much support they have in their community to help them both to be even stronger facing whatever the future holds."


Again, the enormous hearts of CCATC volunteers and donors made it possible to help each one of these situations in our community, and so many more.


If you would like to help CCATC continue its mission to help all those in Carroll County with food insecurity, there are multiple ways to make a donation:


1) use the "Donate" button on this fundraiser page (a reasonable processing fee will be added, but you can opt out of that, and/or the "tip"...100% of your donataion goes to CCATC in any case)


2) deposit cash or check (made out to Answering The Call) into the Answering The Call account at Equity Bank - Eureka Springs (if a check, please include a notation that it's for "ATC Food")


3) make a check out to CCATC and mail it to Carroll County Answering The Call, c/o Eureka Springs United Methodist Church, 195 Huntsville Rd, ES 72632 (include a notation that it's for "ATC Food").


Again, plese know that 100% of your gift goes to providing food as part of the CCATC mission. Also, that your donation is 100% tax-deductible.


Thank you for your consideration.





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