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Support Women Veterans this Holiday Season

2023 Year End Campaign


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Thanks to our friends at The Change Reaction all donations made up to $10,000 will be matched and help us reach our  $100,000 goal!

Thank you for supporting women veterans this holiday season.

We've helped thousands of women veterans overcome transition hurdles, fostering personal and economic well-being. In the last year alone, our impact has been profound, as we served and uplifted 1,872 women veterans and children.

Our programs provide:

• Emergency financial assistance stipends for rent, utilities and other emergency costs.
• Licensed childcare and camp stipends.
• Critical household goods and baby supplies through warehouse distributions.
• Personal, professional, and leadership development education to women veterans.
• Connections to local resources such as mental health support, legal services, and employment opportunities.

Additionally, for women veterans served through Financial Assistance or Childcare Assistance, we:

• Provide the tools and assistance to help create a monthly budget and establish SMART goals to address self-sufficiency, employment, housing, financial, and personal wellbeing.
• Require participation in online financial literacy training.

In the last five years, Foundation for Women Warriors has served a total of 6,468 women veterans and their children through the Women Veteran Emergency and Transition Services program.

Our subsequent impact is as follows:

• 94% of financial assistance clients remain housed for 12 months or more.
• 93% of childcare assistance clients remain employed or in school.
• 96% of professional development participants report an increase in confidence.
• 97% of warehouse distribution participants report positive financial impacts to monthly expenses. 

Women veterans across the country are in need of support, yet Foundation for Women Warriors remains the only organization uniquely suited to meet their needs. As such, we’ve expanded our financial and childcare services beyond California to serve the women veterans in the state of Virginia. 

Women veterans continue to face a challenging landscape, with escalating costs across housing, utilities, groceries, and childcare. The difficulties our women veterans encounter upon leaving service, finding comparable work, attaining higher education degrees, and finding affordable childcare further compound these issues.  As these challenges intensify, so does the demand for our vital services.

A mere $50 tax deductible donation can provide a veteran mother with a month's supply of diapers or one day of childcare, making an immediate impact on her and her child's well-being.

Please join us  in championing the cause of honoring and empowering women veterans and their children. Your contribution, irrespective of its size, holds the power to ignite lasting change.

Together, we can ensure every woman veteran can thrive and succeed.



Foundation For Women Warriors is a 103-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring and empowering the women veteran community. Established in 1920 as housing association for widows, war nurses and mothers of fallen service members, today we continue to honor the service of women veterans by empowering their future. Often overshadowed by their male counterparts, our programs enhance the personal and economic wellbeing of women veterans and address the growing needs of the increasing population of military women transitioning to civilian life. We address the top four needs that women veterans have self-identified as crucial to the success of their transition: education, employment, housing, and childcare.


Share Fundraiser


49 Supporters

37% of $100,000 goal

Foundation for Women Warriors

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