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Last September during Hurricane Ida, the raging flood waters of the Elizabeth River completely inundated the Oakwood Plaza Apartment complex in Elizabeth, New Jersey, drowning four residents and dislocating over 600 people. Ida’s damage was so extensive that the entire Oakwood complex was evacuated and boarded up. Mold and contamination from putrid storm water destroyed all furniture, clothing and belongings.

Over the past four months, dozens of families have been squeezed into hotel rooms where they cooked for large families on hot plates and children struggled with remote learning. Covid ravaged a vulnerable community in close quarters: several people landed in the hospital and children missed more school.

Emergency funds have run out. There is no housing in Elizabeth and funds have yet to be issued by the state to repair the complex. Families have been scattered throughout the state. They lost their homes, their cars, their jobs, their schools and their tight knit community of support.

Several small non profits have provided vital assistance to families, but the need is great and resources are stretched. In some cases, families are literally sleeping on the floor and have no place to sit, eat or study.

This campaign is to raise funds specifically for new furniture for these families. Funds will be used to purchase furniture families have chosen themselves. They know best what they need, what will fit in their new homes and what will be most useful. 

Thank you for your love and support. This fundraiser is not just about money. You know many of these families from our dinners and events you have hosted where they shared their culture and food with us. You opened your homes and hearts to welcome these families in the earliest days of their new lives in the USA.

We know they felt the love then and when Ida first hit. They could really use feeling your love again now.

Melina and Kate

Melina Macall and Kate McCaffrey


The United Tastes of America

Please note, at this time donations of items are specifically not requested.

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19 supporters

$7,500 goal

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